You will need…

  • A balloon
  • Funnel
  • Spoon
  • Rice
  • Permanent pen/biro
  1. First grab your balloon and spoon some rice into it (about ¾ will do – use a funnel to help).
  2. Next tie it up tightly using a double knot.
  3. Finally use your pen to draw a face on it.

Now you have a cute and squishy stress ball!

By Jerusha 5J

Edited by Ellora 5M

Lost Voice Guy wins Britain’s Got Talent!!

On Sunday 3rd June, Lost Voice Guy won Britain’s Got Talent!!

His prize will be to present his comedy act at the Royal Variety Performance and receive a quarter of a million pounds!!

Lost voice guy – AKA Lee Ridley – is the first comedian to ever win Britain’s Got Talent. He lives in Consett, County Durham and is 37 years old.

Ridley was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 6 months old. “It means I can’t speak and my right side is weaker than my left, so I walk funny, too. I also developed epilepsy as a teenager. That was very hard to deal with,” he told The Guardian.

Everyone has been incredibly moved and exhilarated by Ridley’s confidence, humour and excellent stage presence.

We are very eager and excited to see him at the Royal Variety Performance on Monday 19th November, 2018, at the London Palladium Theatre.

Edited By Hasmik 5S


This amazing book series is about an ancient planet called Lorien. There are nine defenders and nine guardians, who were sent to Earth when Mogadarians attacked. Mogadarians are a colony of monsters who were once friends with Lorien. At the end of the series there is a big battle! Read this book series to find out what happens!!!

The author of this book is Pittacus Lore. The first book was published in July 2009.It was called I am Number Four. This book is great for 10 year old children!

I think it has a fantastic storyline and I rate it 5/5 stars!

By Ishaan Ganatra 5M    

Edited by Aaryan Mistry-Bernard  5M


Quaresma strikes with charisma!!

Where do we start! This game was something not to miss. From riots started after review of Video Assisted Referee (VAR), to referee havoc this game was surely one of the top of the list. The game took a slow start until Portugal star Ronaldo found himself taken down in the penalty box. After a VAR check, the penalty was taken by Ronaldo and surprisingly missed! However the deadlock was finally broken as Ricardo Quaresma struck an absolute allure from the edge of the box just on the stroke of halftime.

The second half was entertaining to watch, however it held some despicable behaviour from the players. An Iran player was shown a yellow card for pushing the referee and the opposing managers got themselves into some arguments. Ronaldo had attempted to punch another player and although not much contact was made he received a yellow card. In the closing moments of the match a possible handball was committed from Portugal and again the VAR was put into use. The end decision was a penalty to Iran which Ansarifard slotted away nicely. But this was not enough for Iran to go through to the next round as Spain had drawn with Morocco in the other match.

Written By Hadi  6S

Edited By Jerusha 5J


Scientists have discovered 6 new species of spider, only measuring a few millimetres also known as Goblin Spiders. They have been named after Enid Blyton characters!

Their names are: Bom, Snooky, and Tumpy from the goblins and the Brownies: Chippy, Snippy and Tiggy! They were found deep in England’s forests on the forest floor.


By Ellora and Keira 5M     

Edited by Nicole 5S

Brazil vs Switzerland

The Brazil vs Switzerland football match had everyone jumping off their seats! The first goal was scored by Bazilian, Phillipe Coutinho ‘20’, followed by an incredible goal by Switzerland’s Steven Zuber ‘50’. The overall score was an interesting 1-1.

By Aaryan and Ahaan

Aid arrives in Syria

On 5th of March, trucks carrying much needed supplies for civilians entered Syria. Upsettingly, nearby air strikes forced the trucks to leave, including ten trucks which had not yet been unloaded. It was the first aid to arrive in Syria for 3 weeks. Since 2011, Syria has been gripped by civil war. This means war between people of the same country. The vehicles were carrying food and medical supplies.

By Ishaan and Rahi


Kilauea is one of the 5 volcanoes within Hawaii. It is the most active volcano in Hawaii as it has been continuously erupting since 1983.

Kilauea is a Hawaiian word that means ‘much spreading’ or ‘spewing’. This name is very appropriate when you consider that it has a ceaseless lava flow.

By Ellora and Keira 5M

NASA lost rover in Martian mega storm

Opportunity and Curiosity are two high-tech rovers on Mars caught in the middle of a raging dust storm. The storm is so ferocious that the dust particles block out the sun! Both rovers were looking okay until Opportunity suddenly went silent. NASA are using all their instruments but they can’t communicate with him until the storm clears. Everyone hopes he’s ok and they’re doing everything they can to regain communications.

By 2 brilliant reporters!

Senegal vs Poland

Tuesday 19th March, Senegal played Poland in the World Cup. The captain for Senegal is usually Cheickhou Kouyate but he didn’t play so his captainship was passed to Liverpool player, Sadio Mane. The captain of Poland was Lewandowski. At the end of the game, the score was 2-1 to Senegal! 

 By Kaveen and Suhaas